FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1) What is the quickest way to obtain help?

The easiest and the quickest way to contact us is via e-mail:
- export@aspel.com.pl (trade),
- service@aspel.com.pl (technical support),
- marketing@aspel.com.pl (marketing, outsourcing).

2) How can I find out about the price of the particular item? How can I place an order?

You should send us an enquiry to: export@aspel.com.pl. After that, our Export Department will prepare you an offer including prices which will enable you to place your order via e-mail.

3) What are the delivery options?

Smaller orders are sent through the courier company (ordered by us or by the client) The delivery of larger orders is settled individually with the client. You can also pick up your order personally from the ASPEL's office (Osiedle H. Sienkiewicza 33, 32-00 Zabierzów, Poland).

4) What about the product training?

It is possible to organise a training on running our products in our office; such training is conducted by our employees. More information on conditions (time, cost, etc.) is available from the Export Department at the e-mail address: export@aspel.com.pl.